Digital Marketing Services

Complex is easy. Simple is hard.

We’re a digital marketing consultancy that specialises in helping purpose-driven brands achieve their purpose.

Our services perform brilliantly on their own or part of an integrated strategy.


We turn challenges into opportunities

There are hundreds of marketing tactics you could try. Some work. A lot don’t. We focus on five:

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

You’ll get a custom plan based on in-depth market research and customer analysis that will meet your goals.

Content & Copywriting

We’ll get clear on your message and create content that your target audiences will love.

SEO / Organic Search

We’ll help you grow your organic Google traffic. We focus on technical & onsite SEO, content and links. 110% ethical, 110% awesome.

Email Marketing

Combining compelling, targeted messaging with sophisticated automation, we’ll use science, data and art to nurture your leads into sales.

PPC & Paid Social

Highly targeted performance marketing that converts quickly, efficiently and within budget.

Our Process

We use a proven process & strategy that puts purpose and performance at the centre.

Focus Mode process

Sound good?

So, what’s in it for me?


The ‘business’ benefits

  • A logical plan everyone can follow

  • Marketing that works and hits your targets

  • Content and messaging that reaches the right people, in the right place, at the right time

  • A website that sells and gets found in Google

  • More money and profit to reinvest into your business

  • Extra resource to put towards your mission and purpose!

The ‘you’ benefits

  • Work with a team of like-minded, lovely people that care deeply about what they do

  • A big, happy, smiley face!

  • Leaps in the air, fist-bumps, high-fives and cheering!

  • Walking around whistling and saying ‘hello’ to strangers

  • The confidence that comes with knowing you’ve nailed it


It’s good working with us. We promise.


Why work with us?

We’ll save you the time and money of having to hire, train, and manage your own marketing team.

We’re highly experienced with proven track records, meaning you can trust us to get results for you.

We’re very selective about who we work with. Our clients mean the world to us and we care about their businesses as much as we do our own.

Digital marketing is now such an essential part of the mix but it’s constantly changing and sometimes it’s a struggle to keep up – that’s where the Focus Mode team come in, they are on top of the latest developments which ensures that we are too. I particularly like that decisions are underpinned by data which has helped us to spot trends and areas for improvement.
— Ann Pilkington (Owner & Director), PR Academy

Experience and Projects

Great work can only happen with great clients! Here’s just a few of the brands we’ve been proud to work with.

Digital marketing clients

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