Case Study: Supporting Form Nutrition’s Online Growth Through Expert SEO & PPC


  • Form is disrupting the crowded nutrition space with vegan & plant-based protein powders and nootropics.

  • They’re a brand that challenges the traditional nutrition category and creates a more mindful and elevated offering.

  • Form is a truly purpose-driven brand. For every product sold, Form donates a meal via the Form Feeding Fund at Bansang Hospital in The Gambia. Form’s blog provides updates on The Form Feeding Fund.

  • Form wanted to increase their visibility and performance in SEO & PPC for non-brand keywords such as ‘plant-based protein powder’, ‘vegan protein powder’ and ‘nootropics.’

  • Very competitive marketplace with high CPCs needed to gain top placements.


  • Six-month project.

  • We developed a SEO program of work that included technical and site speed recommendations, backlink audits, keyword research, and site-wide on-page optimisation.

  • We created a keyword database of opportunities to inform onsite and content optimisation, as well as future content creation.

  • Methodically built out the PPC campaigns to gain wider reach for non-brand and maximise click-throughs with robust ad creative testing and tiered match-type bidding strategies.

  • Developed an insight-led reporting dashboard based on the See, Think, Do, Care framework. This was used to assess performance and attribution for all digital activity and provided actionable recommendations for improving and refining activity as we progressed.


  • PPC ROI at 613%.

  • SEO ROI 1,521%.

  • SEO new users up 48% YoY (Google Analytics).

  • Key first page SEO rankings include: 'vegan protein smoothie', 'bcaas', 'nootropics', 'chocolate protein powder', 'plant protein powder' and 'vegan protein powder'.

Form SEMrush SEO ranking increases.png

Client comment:

Damian Soong (CEO & Co-Founder of Form): “Neil and his team got their heads around our business quickly and as soon as they did they had an immediate impact on content, SEO and paid search activity and results. Neil is an extremely knowledgeable and personable individual and as such perfect to engage for short term projects or longer-term engagements."

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